Tips To Prevent Heart Disease

To get prevent from heart disease, first you need to keep yourself fit by doing regular exercises and proper diet. Prefer to walk much than sitting idle. 

• Add healthy foods in your daily chart. Try to eat more fruits & vegetables than junk foods.

• Omega – 3 fatty acid will help you a lot in keeping your heart healthy. This is highly present in Fish Oil capsules which you can get from any medical shops or health centres.

• Intake of excess salt will bring you high pressure in blood level. So try to take less than 6 grams a day to reduce chance of getting sudden heart stroke.

• Regular habit of smoking and hot drinks will definitely affect and weaken your heart veins. Quit smoking and drinking is the main tip to keep your heart healthy.
• Drinking good quantity of water is another best way to keep your body and heart fit. Keep your health fit and live your life happily.

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